Health Care

The last decade has brought in a revolution in the healthcare industry. There is an increased focus on improvised business processes, reduction of costs, and above all, on being more customer-oriented. Hence, interoperability across healthcare organizations is important and it can be achieved by effective sharing of information by all. The aim is to improve care, safety and quality of the services offered to the patients and other customers.

The healthcare industries' priority today is to:

  • To reduce medical errors
  • To connecting hospitals to remote locations
  • To upgrade inpatient clinical systems
  • To redesign processes and workflow
  • Raas with its rich domain expertise in the Health Care Industry has enabled the organizations to achieve their goals by implementing various IT solutions that are effective in the following ways :

  • Saving money and improving quality
  • Streamlining operations
  • Increasing collaboration with all the stakeholders
  • Reduce medical errors
  • Increasing speed and distributing access to medical information
  • Meeting all regulatory compliance criteria


The Insurance industry combines complexity of business operation with a highly paper intensive model. Insurance data is voluminous originating from multiple sources and demands a high degree of integration, streamlining & process integrity. Since its inception, Our solutions help insurance companies manage multiple product lines, decrease operating costs, facilitate multiple channel integration and differentiate themselves in the marketplace. We specialize in building custom-applications for mid-market Insurance companies and large insurance corporations.

Raas's EXPERTISE IN BUILDING LARGE-SCALE POLICY, PLANS AND CLAIMS MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS- With in-depth domain knowledge combined with the latest Java technology framework,

Raas Infotek has extensive experience in all aspects of insurance services, including:

  • New Business Application
  • Policy Administration & Integration
  • Agent Compensation & Commission
  • Billing and Collections
  • Plan Administration
  • Plan Set up
  • Claims set up
  • Claims processing - Claims adjudication
  • Underwriting Rules
  • Payments - EFT and Checks
  • Reports (Administrative, Regulatory, Reinsurance reports)
  • Automation of Claims documentation etc.

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