Quality Assurance
Raas Infotek provides engineers who work seamlessly with your engineering staff to provide end-to-end testing. With our large pool of skilled resources, we can become scalable as your project needs or demands grow.

  • Functionality Testing
  • Reveal issues concerning the product's functionality and conformance to stated/documented behavior.
  • Gaining familiarity with program's desired behavior
  • Developing and running test cases or test procedures that exercise the program in order to test actual behavior against expected behavior
  • Test Plans
  • Creating comprehensive and unbiased test plans..
  • Regression Testing
  • Consistent testing and tracking of issues until all of the problems are solved or a new version is developed.
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Test your products compatibility with the latest technology
  • Identify hardware/software/browser components that the product is designed to support.
  • Design matrix and test scripts for compatibility testing for hardware/software/browser components
  • Identify and assess incompatibilities.
  • Test Automation
  • Tool recommendation
  • Installing automated test tools
  • Setting up applications under test
  • Generating automated test plans
  • Developing automated test cases
  • Test execution and reporting
  • Training & knowledge transfer
  • Performance Testing
  • Tool recommendation
  • Installing performance & monitoring tools
  • Generating performance benchmark tests
  • Report generation & analysis
  • Our consultants are experienced with the following automated test tools :
  • WinRunner/ - Mercury Interactive
  • QTP/ - Mercury Interactive
  • Load Runner - Mercury Interactive
  • SilkTest - Segue Software
  • Rational Robot - Rational Software
  • Visual Test - Rational Software

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