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Supporting digitization by integrating the latest technology across M&E sector

Technology has accelerated the pace of innovation. A brand new, emerging IT ecosystem is incorporating CLOUD, Social Media, Mobility, and Big Data Analytics effectively, changing the way technology is delivered and consumed. Digitization has changed everything—including theatrical distribution and digital cinema that provides a plethora of choices in home entertainment markets—for content-everywhere consumption. The industry has moved to a file-based distribution in cinema and broadcast, accelerating the development of new products and new digital supply chains.

Business is moving incredibly fast. Global Media and Entertainment (M&E) conglomerates today demand a new foundation of infrastructure, devices, software, and services that support greater agility and increased accessibility at lower cost. Enterprises are moving away from traditional infrastructure models to converged infrastructure, reducing the cost of new service deployments from months to weeks.

RAAS provides global shared services and rich media distribution platforms for enterprises to establish on-demand media CLOUDs for scalability and cost containment. With our current philosophy built around speed, agility, and scale, we ably respond to the industry changes and create flexible infrastructure to attain 50 percent reduction in direct data centre costs. We work towards building a solid foundation on converged infrastructure and then move it to a converged CLOUD. This effectively transforms the business and reduces digital supply chain support down to a few racks.

At RAAS, we have been supporting major entertainment industry clients for over a decade. The industry is moving into the age of connected consumption, and we, at RAAS, work towards reducing the gaps between the consumer and myriad of sources that make informed decisions. At RAAS, we are experts in complete infrastructure support, creating end-to-end content solutions and on-demand converged CLOUD for today's enterprises.

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